A Solo Ride with Gusto to the Cape of San Agustin

Cape San Agustin LighthouseDon’t rush, just go and live in the present moment – the mantra I have been repeating to myself while running around 100 kph on solo ride with my motorcycle as I was heading to my destination, the lighthouses of Cape San Agustin in Lavigan, Governor Generoso, Davao Oriental from October 29 to 31, 2016.

My solo ride, which was open for anybody who would like to join with me, has been planned a month ago. I had the heavy feeling to make another solo ride again after the first semester in the school. There are actually few reasons why I wanted to go for a long ride again.

First, a reward for the past accomplishments and achievements in school: finished the first semester in my masteral class, done with the teachers’ ICT training for Gapok National High School, done with Google Apps training with teachers from Bukay Pait National High School and submitted my accomplishment reports to the DepEd Division office.

Second, it’s another way of keeping in touch with my being. While traversing the road of Governor Generoso, the mantra was, “Don’t rush, just go and live the present moment.” The practice is inspired by my experience of Zen retreat few years ago at Lake Caliraya, where I was named, “Divine Lake of the Heart” by the Zen nuns and monks following the tradition of Thich Nhat Han.

Me and the Pacific Sea Sunrise
Me and the Pacific Sea Sunrise.

 And of course, it’s a chance for rest and recreation, a bonding time with my former students under my class advisory eight years ago! It’s not a long time ago, and Roswel and Nicole both agreed with me that we’re almost of the same age.

Davao Oriental's famous landmark.
Me and my motorcycle at Davao Oriental’s famous landmark.

What awaited me there, if I try to sum up every experience I had during my 3-days motorcycle rides, ’twas awesome! The beaches, the lighthouses and the road gave me a lot of realization. I had a chance to meet and greet fellow Kawasaki NS200 riders from Tagum City.

I met this fellow riders at Pantukan area. They're from Tagum City.
I met this fellow riders at Pantukan area. They’re from Tagum City.

Aside from having the chance to see, touch and climb a lighthouse, the experience of the first Pacific sea sunrise was memorable. I didn’t expect that I will be able to reach the place and enjoy with gusto. If you’re coming from Davao City, the concrete road will lead you directly to the very entrance to the lighthouses.

The pinkish beach of Cape San Agustin
The pinkish beach of Cape San Agustin where believed to be a landing sight for Saint Francis and celebrated mass.

We stayed for two nights in a simple inn just outside the perimeter of the lighthouses compound. The owner of the inn, Boyet Fernandez, is one of grandsons of the first owner of the land where parolas were built. the neighboring beaches were originally owned by his family. The Cape San Agustin BBQ & Seafood Grill is ever ready to serve the guests who stay with them. From 200 to 500 pesos inn rate, you will be able to stay and enjoy the night, and if fortunate, do stargazing at the beach!

Me, Roswel, Nicole and the owner of Cape San Agustin BBQ and Seafood Grill, Boyet Fernandez
Me, Roswel, Nicole and the owner of Cape San Agustin BBQ and Seafood Grill, Boyet Fernandez

More photos can be seen on my Facebook page. If you have inquiries how to get there, you can always ask me by leaving a comment below.


  1. I am really happy about you pap!!! I hope Through this moment,,it helps you how to move on in life.

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