Introducing Positive Discipline in the Classroom and in Self Too

From now on, I would like to introduce and promote ways how to effectively implement positive discipline in the classroom as one of the transformative ways of holistic learning instead of imposing corporal punishment. Long ago, corporal punishment is used to manage pupils and students until studies revealed more effective ways to transform them, helping them realize their mistakes and never commit again.

There are groups nowadays that promote meditation and mindfulness as discipline practices. These groups varies from corporate to small group gatherings being influenced by Zen Buddhism. Instead of imposing corporal punishment to misbehaving pupils and students, they are asked to practice proper breathing that leads to meditation and mindfulness. Further studies showed that the practice eliminates misbehaviors among school children. The Zen and art of reflective practice among school children is way of helping them to pay attention most of the time.

Aside from the general overview about meditation and mindfulness, I will be introducing ways on how to prepare and execute meditation techniques  that I have learned. As a classroom teacher, I will be sharing my personal experiences on  western and eastern methods of meditation.

This will not only help you as an educator in managing your class but also on how to unburden yourself from the school tasks without leaving your work behind.

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Image header I posted above was taken during my Zen Buddhism Retreat in Lake Carilaya, Laguna. The text depicts my birthday, and being named as “Divine Lake of the Heart” – that’s my new name given by the Zen nuns and monks.

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  1. Thank You Po I Learned A lot.

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