Teachers’ Guide to Avoid Administrative Complaints

Teachers and even school heads are becoming victims of possible harassments and complaints from students and parents due to negligence and lack of awareness on what to do. Complaints could have been avoided when teachers and or school heads follow the existing laws, DepEd Orders and policies, rules and regulations.  

Recently, the Deped Regional Director of Region XII, Dr. Allan G. Farnazo, issued a Region Memorandum number 18, series of 2019, to give teachers and school heads a guide to avoid administrative complaints. 

In the memo, he reiterates the following recommended actions based on legalities:

  1. Establishing and activating of the Grievance Committee in the School and District Levels for grounds not falling under Section 2 of D.O.49, s. 2006 (D.O. 35, s. 2004);
  2. Capacitating the  School Anti-Bullying and Child Protection Committees in the School Level (D.O. 40, s. 2012);
  3. Posting a copy of the MOOE, School Organization Fund, Canteen Fund and PTA Liquidation Report with attached receipts in the school transparency board (D.O. 008, s. 2019, D.O. 13, s. 2016, D.O. 31, 2016, R.A. 11032-Ease of Doing Business Act, R.A. 9485-Anti-Red Tape Act, D.O. 17, s. 2005);
  4. Recordingalldonationsreceivedbytheschoolintheschoolpropertyinventory (D.O. 008, s. 2019, D.O. 17, s. 2005);
  5. Implementing Transparent, Ethical and Accountable Governance (R.A.11032, R.A. 9485); and
  6. Implementing and adhering with the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (R.A. 10173, Department Memoranda OU-LAPSS No. 248, s. 2018, OU-LAPSS No. 31, 2019, OU-LAPP No. 388, s. 2019).

Dr. Farnazo further tells the teachers and school heads not to participate in any prohibited activity:

  1. Suggesting, initiating or allowing a compromise agreement or amicable settlement in cases of child abuse (D.O. 40, s. 2012);

  2. Allowing school personnel to investigate child abuse cases in the school without proper authorization (D.O. 40, s. 2012, D.O. 49, s. 2006);

  3. Imposing a permit/clearance system where students are made to pay any contribution before being cleared to graduate, get promoted or take an examination (D.O. 19, s. 2008);

  4. Imposing a year-end clearance system where teachers are made to comply certain tasks and pay certain fees. Clearances shall only be required of teachers and school personnel who will retire, resign from the government service, travel abroad, or transfer or be reassigned to another school or promoted to higher office (D.O. 25, s. 2003, D.O. 53, s. 1995, D.O. 22, 1993);

  5. Requiring teachers to shell out from their own resources funds for school improvement and other school-related activities (D.O. 008, s. 2019, D.O. 13, s. 2016, D.O. 31, 2016);

  6. Partnering with, dealing with, accepting funds from, or promoting tobacco industries or establishment that sell tobaccos, in any school program or activity (D.O. 48, s. 2016);

  7. Collecting, processing, storing, sharing and/or destroying a student, teacher or any data subject’s personal information without the latter’s consent (R.A. 10173);

  8. Forcing students to buy from canteen trays and/or for teachers to pay whatever items not sold in said trays (D.O. 8, s. 2007, D.O. 17, s. 2005);

  9. Indorsinganycompanyorsellinganyproductstotheirstudents,suchasbut not limited to the readings materials, workbooks, and discs (D.O. 28, s. 2001, D.O. 39, s. 2009);

  10. Collecting any PTA contributions/fees even with the consent of the PTA (D.O. 54, 2009, D.O. 20, s. 2006);

  11. Selling or collecting from students any money from any Red Cross and B/GSP fund raising activity other than Red Cross and B/GSP Membership dues (D.O. 41, 2012, D.O. 19, s. 2008, D.O. 54, 2009, D.O. 20, s. 2006);

  12. Selling tickets or other materials of the same nature and/or collecting from students any money from any fund raising activity, except Anti-TB fund drives (D.O. 41, 2012, D.O. 19, s. 2008, D.O. 54, 2009, D.O. 20, s. 2006);

  13. Requiring or directing students to attend school field trips/film showing and/or any school activity needing financial contribution/dues (D.O. 41, 2012, D.O. 19, s. 2008, D.O. 54, 2009, D.O. 20, s. 2006);

  14. Having financial interest while engaged in purchasing materials needed by the school or by acting as the direct supplier of the school (D.O. 008, s. 2019, R.A. 9485-Anti-Red Tape Act);

  15. Requiring or influencing subordinates to purchase items from a superior or a particular supplier (D.O. 008, s. 2019, Anti-Red Tape Act); and,

  16. Imposing disciplinary actions such as but not limited to reprimand and/or other sanctions and penalties upon teachers without authority or lawful order from the Disciplining Authority (D.O. 49, s. 2006, R.A. 4670-Magna Carta for Public School Teachers Act).

The Regional Director, as the Disciplining Authority over teachers and school heads in the region, urges the teachers and school heads to strictly follow the guidelines in order to avoid administrative complaints.

(Texts credit to Regional Memorandum No. 18, series of 2019 – by the Regional Director Dr. Allan G. Farnazo.)




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