Downloadable DepEd Forms As Reference for Checking

DepEd Forms for Class Advisers are now again available for download as the school year ends. These are the forms being prepared by class advisers for checking and most fo these are available and generated at DepEd Learner Information System (LIS) portal.

However, do note that all School Forms prescibed under DO 4, s. 2014 (Forms 1 to 7), DO 69, s. 2016 (SHS) and DO 58, s. 2017 (Forms 8-10, ALS, Kinder and SHS) are all standardized and therefore not subject to any form modifications without authorization.

The following must be observed:

  1. Non-LIS generated forms are not valid for checking.
  2. Additional marks are not allowed on Original Copy of SF 10 (e.g. putting line on the blanks, changing logos, inserting names and seal of school in the form heads).

However, the same template forms can be downloaded below as references. Just click the hyperlink and save them to your Download folder.

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