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A New Brand for Learning Resources Community in the Social Media

As we create a new and exciting announcement of turnover and rebranding of our social media platform on Facebook, the page will now be converted to a more useful and dynamic page to serve its purpose.

The new brand of our social media platform will be dubbed as Open Community Page for Learning Resources. The “Open Community Resources,” refers to a community of collaborators that aims for the Quality Education page that offers free and shared learning materials and references to be used by parents, teachers, and guardians of our K to 12 Program learners particularly in the locality of the Division of South Cotabato. Though it does not replace the educational platforms offered by the Department of Education, this will serve as a repository of learners’ assessments as well, without violating the Data Privacy Act (DPA OF 2012) known as the Republic Act 10173.

As the process goes along, the logo, name, and contents will also be upgraded into how it shall be used. Our content creators will add more videos, photos, and relevant content regularly without sacrificing the quality and usefulness of our materials.

Therefore, it must be known that the @theDivineLake with the former name “Notre Dame Community” will be turned over to us as the original creator and owner of the page after the organization was not able to maintain its existence in the social media. This is to make use of the existing platform for the learners of the 21st century. This will now be using the URL “” with the name “Divine Lake of the Heart.”

To our existing followers and dynamic members, please continue patronizing our Facebook Page and communicate to us any suggestions that may lead to improvements.

If you have any further questions about our re-branding on Facebook, please leave us a comment below and we will be happy to assist you further.

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