COVID-19 Explained: What Happens If You Get Infected

Just as of yesterday, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the world with more than 42,000 deaths, with over 860,000 infected people and less than 180,000 people recovered from the disease. Here in the Philippines where enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) is being implemented, has recorded 2,633 confirmed cases, with 107 deaths, and 51 recovered cases from the disease.

In line with efforts to stop transmission of COVID-19 and to flatten the curve are just a few of the challenges, we are facing today as most of the regional boundaries are locked-down in order to minimize the spread of infections. It is another way to determine the impact of infectious disease by tracing close-contacts among people with confirmed cases.

The call for us all is to stay home as much as you can, keep a safe distance, washing hands thoroughly often with soap and water and maintain good health, and call or visit the local health center when symptoms of the disease are detected. 

Here’s the animated comprehensive explanation about the coronavirus 2019 known as COVID-19 brought to us by Nucleus Medical Media. Watch and learn. Knowledge is power.


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