From my first mountaineering experience of mastering Mount Matutum last December 2017, I am inspired to seriously add more physical activities to my new year’s resolution; keeping it as an inspiration to start climbing mountains. Sounds theological – mountain is a symbol where the divine dwells. Abraham brought his son Isaac on a mountain to sacrifice the latter. Moses had conversation with God on the mountain of Horeb, received his instructions and even given the book of commandments. Jesus finds himself praying on the mountain every after he does his ministry. But for me, it’s not only keeping myself busy and fit, but also pushing myself to the limits, going beyond what my motorcycle can’t reach and adding more life experiences that fulfil our short existence.

Lake Holon Via Salacafe Trail

Before traversing Mount Melibengoy via Kule Hunter Trail, I already climb in advance together with my peers from a riders’ club. Japhete and King climbed with me via Salacafe trail, passing by the astounding Sala Byaan view deck.

Sala Byaan View deck to Lake Holon

Taken at Sala Byaan view deck.

The trail was just rolling hills and some ascends that can’t be so difficult for first timers like me. Lack of physical preparation like was the only difficulty I encountered during my first trek to Lake Holon that gave me a hard time catching up with the group. Nevertheless, the first experience was worth sharing to my readers.

Japhete, King and Vince at Lake Holon

Japhete, King and Vince at Lake Holon for an early morning mandatory photo ops.

Lake Holon Via Kule Hunter Trail

For this trail, I was with my colleagues who climbed Mount Matutum last December 2017; and with new acquaintances this time. I decided to hike via Kule Hunter trail with them, which is different from last week’s trail. This was said to be more challenging yet nearer to Holon lake for less than an hour. Indeed, it was!

The Lake Holon from Kule Hunter trail view deck.

From the municipal tourism of Tboli, a habal-habal ride brought us to Sitio Kule where we started the trekking. Settled a while and attended the short orientation before embarking for a the hike.

With the hikers from South Cotabato Provincial Hospital

With the hikers from South Cotabato Provincial Hospital

It was an awesome feeling upon reaching the view deck! We spent some time for picture taking, rest and sort of nature appreciation time before proceeded down to the crater, passing through thick and thin forest trail to the lake short in which from there, a paddled banca brought us to the other side of the lake: the camping site.

Crossing the Lake by banca

Crossing the Lake by banca

Mount Parker, locally known as Melibengoy or Melibingoy, is a stratovolcano with an elevation of 1,784 meters. Others would say it is 1,824 meters above sea level. The volcano has a base diameter of 40 km, 2.9-km-wide caldera and with steep walls that rise 200-500m above the lake. Mt. Melibengoy is one of the longest and highest mountain range in Tboli, South Cotabato.

The Kule Hunter Trail

The Kule Hunter Trail

Apologies for the low resolution photos. Uploaded photos were adjusted for fast uploading.

The salutation to the sun by the lake shore.

The salutation to the sun by the lake shore.

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