The Disadvantage of Social Media in Giving Class Projects and Homeworks

A DepEd Memorandum or Order on the matter of “Prohibiting the Use of Social Media in Class Projects and Homeworks” is in order and may be released soon by the Curriculum and Instruction strand. This is in relation to the recent update given by the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT). The DICT appeals for DepEd schools to stop the use of social media in the classroom since learners become vulnerable to different cyber threats. 

Quoting the Aide Memore dated June 11, 2019 from the Office of the Undersecretary for Administration, social media could promote the following problems:

  1. Social Media has a group chat feature that has adult content which can elicit malicious content and incorrect values to learners;
  2. Social Media may open doors to cyber-bullying, identity-theft, online gambling, pornography and market fraud.
  3. Social Media can cause many problems with the study habits of the learners 
  4. Social Media can cause deceit to parents because children who are attracted to social media can easily say that they are waiting for the teacher’s assignment post, which eventually may result poor performance in school.

Now, you might be asking how can we make use of the ICT tools in our ICT-integrated lessons since we are, as we call, “21st century learners” then? The DepEd allow open source Learning Management Systems (LMS) like Edmodo, Schoology, Google Classroom, Nearpod, and Socrative that schools may use for e-learning tools. 

The department reiterates that social media is not the proper medium for schools to use especially in connection to the learning delivery of lessons.

You can find the copy of the  memorandum below:


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