Meditation Guide Series – What is Meditation?

Every time one hears the word meditation, the common notion that comes to mind is about the unfamiliar practice connected to Eastern religions like Buddhism, Hinduism, and the like. One may also think it is about sitting in stillness with folded pretzel-like legs and hands in a strange arrangement., and it’s only for “holy” people stuff. These are not really true.

Meditation is focusing mindfully on something. Any activity like reading or watching a movie or mindful breathing is meditation. Mindfulness activity is a form of meditation.

Our minds and external realities are in a constant state of change. Every moment is being created and constructed reality about what we think as well as what we do. We tend to get lost and overwhelmed and find ourselves daydreaming. Becoming aware of a particular activity becomes a habit of meditation. We learn how our mind and emotions work and develop a positive practice of mind, body, and spirit to deepen the potential for a healthy mental, physical and spiritual aspect.

Focus on the candle

Meditation is neither otherwordly nor reserved for religious people knowledgeable about Eastern or alternative religions. It is for everyone and accessible by everyone. It is true that this practice is inspired by ancient spiritual tradition, but doesn’t require changing faith or belief. It is a way of life.

You may ask how it is being done. Meditation is simply creating a sacred and special time and place to focus the mind. It can be anywhere and anytime. In the next post entries, I will help you with directions and guidance on how to start. Let’s meditate together, discover the different ways to do it, and continue from there.

As I introduce a variety of meditation techniques, get started and be aware of what are the most comfortable habits for you. We will simply begin by focusing, thinking, visualizing, and Visualizing.

For the moment, reflect on how you feel as you come to a new insight about meditation. Compare your past and present notion about meditation. You may write your answers below as comments.


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