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Meditation Guide Series – The Introduction

The minute you decide to do what you love to do, you can’t avoid discerning and talking about it. That’s the realization I have come to believe as I start posting a series of reflections and blog entries about meditation.

It’s not my first time reflecting on and relating to meditation. But it is time indeed to tell you more about meditation if you are new and interested to learn and practicing this way of life. Whether you are a beginner or already a practitioner, my blog posts may offer you broad articles about simple and effective meditation for enriching your daily life and deepening spiritual practice. I hope to clearly explain easy-to-follow instructions to follow.

Meditation practice is for calming and centering activity that helps lower stress and help you feel balanced and spiritually centered. Most of us experience tough and rough days at work and are simply overwhelmed by our work and family, but not limited to endless lists of many things we want to overcome. Meditation helps us be serene and calm down, be at peace and stay sane.


Basic meditation was believed to be first taught by Gautama Buddha more than two centuries ago. Ancient it may be, he introduced a great form of meditation, the breath medication. It is powerful and effective as it is the basis of many other meditation practices.

If you feel distracted and seem out of touch or preoccupied with many overwhelming things, mindful meditation will bring you back to what you are doing and thinking. Meditation teaches you to be mindful that sooner or later helps enrich your life and ultimately makes you more productive.

Meditation is a practice for healing the body, mind, and spirit. You will learn that visualization promotes healing and prevent diseases, or even childhood trauma, and depression and will lead to a healing journey. You will regain physical health and life longevity.

Meditation is not just about sitting on a cushion in a painful position as if half-sleeping. Every activity can be a meditation, just like when you are taking a walk or sweeping or washing dishes.

You may want to be loving and compassionate, but take effort and regular practice since it is an activity for love and compassion brought to our consciousness being manifested in everyday activities. Soon you will find meditation overcomes your bias and prejudice, developing a deeper connection and true love as you explore your heart’s chakra.

Through focused attention and mindfulness, you will eventually connect your being to the divine presence as an inspired spiritual tradition derived from Western and Eastern sacred practices. Nevertheless, let me remind you that meditation requires you not of your religious faith and beliefs. It is a way of life practicing a more meaningful quest for your own potential to spiritually grow.

I hope to journey and meditate with you as we explore the different ways of meditation in this series of articles.

In your own experience, how were you able to understand meditation as a tool for spiritual upliftment?

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