SEAMEO QITEP in Mathematics is in search of Innovative Mathematics Teachers annually. It is another year for the Southasian teachers to showcase their talents and skills with their best lesson plan. Southeast Asian Mathematics teachers from all grades who have been teaching for at least 1 year, and English proficient, are qualified to join by designing a best mathematics lesson plan integrating the different themes on STEM, Energy, Efficiency, Resiliency and Security, Mathematical modeling, Computting, energy effienciency, resilieny, computing and local cultural context.

It is required that one must create a lesson plan in English and must follow the template which can be downloaded below:

Please see the image below for the complete guidelines. – ctto


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Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the Teacher's Digital Portfolio is fully operational. Teacher Vince works either from home or observes a skeleton workforce to ensure and promote safety. Keep safe, stay home.
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