Completing the Electronic-Self-Assessment Tools (E-SAT) for Teachers

Results-Based Performance Management System (RPMS) is still believed to be helping the teachers improve the delivery of quality basic education despite calls from various groups of teachers who oppose the implementation of the said program. The Department of Education (DepEd) reiterates the importance of RPMS which is aligned with the Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers (PPST) in equipping the teachers in “ensuring the delivery of quality, accessible, relevant and liberating basic education in the country.”

Recently, as the ICT Coordinator of our school, Bukay Pait National High School, facilitated the re-visitation of the teachers’ Self-Assessment Tools to help our personnel improve and develop their base plans. I am tasked to be the ‘Data Collection Officer” one they’re able to complete the task. One of the topics discussed was the Electronic-Self Assessment Tools that most of us were able to comply.

I am sharing below the soft copy of the E-SAT which I believe, helpful for those who are still searching for this format. Direction on how to use it is included in the folder shared here. This copy is not my personal file, but I’m putting them here for you.

Download the Excel file format for free here.

If you find the file missing or having the difficulty downloading, please don’t hesitate to contact me by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Clarinda boadilla Avatar
    Clarinda boadilla

    I am trying to unprotect your file sir but i cant..

      1. Arlene de Chavez Avatar
        Arlene de Chavez

        Sir ano po dapat gawin kung ang lumalabas ay “cannot run macro ‘survey’?

    1. can u send it thru messenger sir? tnx

    2. Rhiza Joy Cayetona Dulay-Jamago Avatar
      Rhiza Joy Cayetona Dulay-Jamago

      Me too sir…

      If ur were not able to print ur esat pero n click n ung button na finish…

      Is there a way to reprint it again? πŸ€”

      Please advise po…

    3. EXCELlent Avatar

      Try this:

  2. Richard P. Lavina Avatar
    Richard P. Lavina

    Thanks po Sir Vince God bless you more…..

    1. Maraming salamat din po sa pagbisita πŸ˜ƒ

  3. cherrie gil a. rogacion Avatar
    cherrie gil a. rogacion

    can u send a blank form of e-sat,pls???

    1. Hi, blank po lahat ang template na downloadable πŸ™‚

  4. Allan Moore Avatar
    Allan Moore

    Very useful! Thanks!

  5. Rhiza Joy Cayetona Dulay-Jamago Avatar
    Rhiza Joy Cayetona Dulay-Jamago

    Good morning po sir…

    If hindi n nprint ung e-sat din n click na po yong finish button… Is there a way to reprint it again po? Please advice po…

    We cannot unprotect also the sheets… Can we have the passwird po?

    Maraming salamat po…

  6. How to input the teacher’s name on the ESAT?

    1. Hi Jay, thanks for dropping by.

      There’s no need to add a name on ESAT. You can instead create a SAT with printed name.

  7. Nemia Septimo Avatar
    Nemia Septimo

    How to input the teahers name in the ESAT?

  8. Donna Mercado Avatar
    Donna Mercado

    sir may password ang export data

  9. Nice job, Sir Balong. I,m proud of you…

    1. Salamat po, sir πŸ˜€
      may Updated version na po ngayon ha…

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