Canon AE-1 Program Short Review

Just look at the rusticity and essence that the Canon AE-1P represents for the entry-level SLR and as an amazing camera for those who are still using film for photography. I love it!

As a photographer, I just knew how to operate the camera as soon as I picked it up and started. Loading film was instantaneous and easy. It has two semi-automatic modes by shifting either the dial or the ring off the automatic setting.

The camera is a perfect weight even after a few hours of use. One of my personal elements is the plastic grip on one side.

As of now, I don’t have the prints of the shots I took but will definitely post them once these are developed.

Here are the camera specifications of what I have on hand:

Make: Canon
Model: AE-1 Program
Type: Single Lens Reflex
Format: 135 (35mm), 36x24mm
Lens: Interchangable, Canon FD-Mount
Shutter: Electronic Cloth Horizontal Travel Focal Plane Shutter, 2″ – 1/1000″ + Bulb
Meter: 2x SPC Cells, Centre-Weighted TTL, EV1-EV18 @ ASA-100, ASA-12-ASA-3200
Year of Manufacture: 1981-7

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