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What is Meditation

Before I answer the previous questions on what are the types of Meditation, I would like to discuss first the typical meaning of meditation.

Most 21st century young people may think that meditation is an exotic practice of mystics, religious, yogis and “weird” people. I asked my students regarding this practice and they can’t even describe what is it. Perhaps it’s because they’re not exposed to it, and maybe cultural differences also influence their beliefs.

One must be aware that meditation is not an exclusive nor a weird practice by early western religious or eastern believers. It is not also about special setting posture, bending legs and shutting eyes.

Meditation is simply making a choice to focus your mind on something (The Meditation Bible, p. 12). Our mind and the external reality are in constant state of change. Over time, one develops a habit regarding what one thinks and what one takes in. And what we are doing actually is a form of meditation. Thru meditation one can have a better life; but cannot be achieved over night. As long as you learn how to control your mind and emotions, and develop positive habits of mind, body and spirit, you will be able to achieve higher potentials as a human being.

Meditation  is not a mystical or an exclusive activity nor reserved to those who must practice it. It can be practiced by anybody who believe on what it brings to a person. You can simply meditate by creating a special time consciously to focus your mind in helpful and positive ways. There are a lot of techniques that one may use regularly.

The different meditation practices will be discussed one by one on the next articles on this subject matter.

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