Our weekend trek to Ugis Peak (around 930 feet above sea level), known as the skyscraper of the South located in Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat was actually a celebration of life for the whole pack coming from different mountaineering groups as far as from Davao to Sultan Kudarat.

The event organizer, a mountaineer I only know with a nickname “Kulot” was celebrating his birthday, together with his friends and fellows in mountaineering. There were more than 50 trekkers aboard the 10-wheeler truck bound to Esperanza. They picked me up along the way and proceeded to Esperanza. The ride was exciting though a bit tiring.

We arrived at Marguez Hot and Cold Spring around 11 in the morning, had a quick lunch and left for Ugis peak trek under the scorching heat of the sun! It was a dehydrating trek but worth trying it up to the knife-edge cliff of the peak. Strong wind and high altitude added to my fear of height. Posing for a photo was challenging yet had to have even just one. Thanks to my companion, Lyra, who untiringly faced the challenged. She’s the one who invited me for the trek. I first met her during my Mt. Apo trek. I am always amazed by her passion for mountaineering.

Spending some time for personal reflection at the peak helped me to realize that even how difficult the climb, life must go on. Well, I don’t want to elaborate on the reflection part, except to say that life is still awesome!

Before 5 in the afternoon, we’re able to traverse, passing the different way back to the base camp where the hot and cold spring resort is waiting for us. I made a dip in the hot water and as expected… a great relief from the trekking activity!

To make my story short, we spent a night celebrating Kulot’s birthday! Few bottles of beer made the whole night a meaningful one. I don’t want to spoil the thrills in trekking Ugis Peak by giving details here. Just experience the trek and rest assured, you won’t regret it!

Shout out to my newly found acquaintances in mountaineering! To mention the few: Ria Ma, Ronian Baay, Mon Mon Palaboy, Gerald Pancho Cabanilla, Kelvin, Ryan Christian, Lyra Vicedo, Aries Patricio and many others. Special mention to Kulot, the birthday boy!

Interested to climb Ugis Peak? Contact the abovementioned people and they’re ready to assist you!


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