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The Benefits of Practicing Meditation

Positive discipline was mentioned on my previous article which I promised to post regularly.  It is intended to promote positive discipline in the classroom as one way of facilitating and managing the class. As a teacher, I find it necessary to engage oneself into positive discipline. Corporal punishment is not effective anymore, thus it must be stop. Positive discipline can also be applied to self development.  Thru meditation, one can promote discipline to one’s self.

“Meditation teachers us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.” – unknown

In our every day activities, regular meditation can benefits our disposition, career and even relationship to oneself, others and to the divine.

  1. Stress level  will be lowered and helps us focus and attend to whatever we are doing;
  2. Worries and anxieties are reduced;
  3. Meditation will help develop one’s skill to be empathic, compassionate and sensitive to others;
  4. Even our discernment and decision making will be improved; and,
  5. It decreases the feeling of loneliness and depression.

The question of when will you start it, what type of meditation and many other dilemmas will be tackled on the next regular article on Meditation and positive discipline.

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