Sarong Banggi

Sarong Banggi, a Filipino Film

Sarong Banggi

Well, after observing a class about Poem appreciation, I was again in the mood of daydreaming, and now, one of my wishes is here! The movie “Sarong Banggi.” It’s just for today: Valentine’s Day!

I requested a copy of the movie from our Dean a few months ago and was just given to me this morning. “Sarong Banggi, remember the first time” was played by Angelo Ilagan and Jaclyn Jose. Jacklyn was chosen to be the 2006 Urian Best Actress. The movie was directed by Emmanuel Dela Cruz. The story talks about the first time a young boy celebrating his 16th birthday was given a gift by his rowdy group of friends: the first sexual experience, with a night prostitute… and the story goes on… Panoorin n’yo na lang 
I longed to watch this as if there was something in it. Watching it now… stand by… 


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