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Pyesta Kolon Datal Brings International Folklore Festival

Come and enjoy! Pyesta Kolon Datal is now about to start. Mark your calendar: Pyesta Kolon Datal commences on August 10, 2015. The city government of Koronadal, in participation with CIOFF and UNESCO, in cooperation with the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Department of Tourism and NCCA, the Pyesta Kolon Datal brings to us this big event in the city: the Koronadal International Folklore Festival.

The said big event will be participated by the different delegates coming from Slovenia, Russia, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Turkey, Poland, Japan, Chinese Taipei and local dancers and artists of the Philippines.

“Pyesta Kolon Datal highlights the unique and disctinct culture of our indigenous people, the Blaans and we want to share this with the rest of the world” – Honorable Mayor Peter B. Miguel, the Festival Director.

Trips outside the city proper will be one of the best features of the Pyesta Kolon Datal by visiting the Blaan Cultural Village that showcases the culture; sharing the Blaan culture to the world. Agri-trade Fair and Exhibits will also be opened to the public located at the back of the former City Hall which showcases the different products of the 16 barangays of Koronadal City.

In relation to this momentous event, Koronadal City Mayor Peter B. Miguel requested that August 10, 2015 be declared as special(non-working) holiday in the City of Koronadal, in which approved and declared by President’s Executive Secretary Paquito N. Ochoa Jr.

You can view or download the Koronadal International Folklore Festival Pyesta Kolon Datal schedule of events here:

Pyesta Kolon Datal Schedule of Events

For more information about the event, you may contact or visit the following:

City Mayors: +63 (083) 228-8265
City Admin: +63 (083) 228-5110
City Info: +63 (083) 228-6095
Email: kanami@koronadal.gov.ph

On how to get there in Koronadal City, there are daily flights of Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific Air via General Santos City airport. By sailing, regular vessel schedules of WG&A, Negros Navigation and Sulpicio Lines are possible via Davao and Cagayan de Oro City ports. If you;re coming from Cotabato City, a direct bus trip to Koronadal City by Husky Bus is a convenience. Yellow Bus Lines from Davao City and General Santos City has regular trips direct to Koronadal City.

International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts (CIOFF) founded in 1970 works for the safeguarding, promotion and diffusion of traditional culture.* CIOFF aims to:

  • Promote the intangible heritage, through forms of expression such as dance, music, games, rituals, customs and other arts.
  • Serve the objectives of UNESCO
  • Support the activities of its members and those of non-governmental organizations working in the areas of folklore and cultural heritage
  • Serve the cause of peace and non-violence through the implementation of the above objectives

There are 110 member countries grouped into 68 national sections, 12 associate members and 30 corresponding members. Philippines is one of the associate members at the moment, at par with Pakistan, South Africa, Iran, Palestine, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Ireland and Tahiti.


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