Preparation of Documents and Organization of Teachers’ RPMS Portfolio

The most common question asked among teachers is HOW to prepare the RPMS-PPST Portfolio, the important evidence of teacher’s performance that showcases the attained objectives with means of verifications. Every teacher, even from the school where I teach, asks the same question on how to identify the necessary requirements for each objective and Key Result Area (KRA). Organizing well the documents in a portfolio based on assigned tools is another challenge. I hope I will be able to give hints to our dear co-teachers on how to prepare the documents and how to be creative in organizing the RPMS portfolio.

Gathering and organizing RPMS Portfolio

Each teacher is challenged to begin working achieving the targets required by the RPMS. Means of verifications or documents are needed for this.

One needs the following:

  • Copy of RPMS tool appropriate to your level
  • Five long folders for five KRAs
  • Binders/clips
  • Original and photocopies of documents
  • Tabs
  • Highlighter or marker
  1. Review the Results-based Performance Management System (RPMS) Tool appropriate to your level
  2. Refer to the MOV column for the checklist of the relevant documents needed. Keep relevant documents as they become available throughout the year. For example, after your Principal has observed your class and has given you the COT rating sheet or inter-observer agreement form, keep/ insert the document in the corresponding folder or envelope labeled COT
  3. Gather other documents required by the tool. Label and organize them accordingly.
    • Match your documents with the objectives, the performance indicators and the MOV.
    • Mark your document(s) with the objective(s) where the document(s) may be used as MOV.
    • Use markers to highlight the parts of your MOV that satisfy the requirement of the objectives and the performance indicators. This facilitates the rater’s evaluation of your documents.
    • Reproduce the document(s) that may be used as MOV in other objectives. Ensure that the copies are clear.
    • Put together documents that belong to the same objective. You may bind them together or place them in a folder marked according to objective.
    • Insert documents in relevant folders as they become available.

Organizing The RPMS Portfolio

Once you have prepared your documents, you are ready to organize the portfolio for submission for review.

  1. Put together MOV of objectives that are under the same Key Result Area (KRA). Ensure that the MOV are arranged according to the list specified in the tool. MOV 1 should go first followed by other supporting MOV.
  2. Use tabs labeled Objective 1, 2, 3 and so on to separate MOV under every objective. Arrange objectives in order (Objective 1, 2, 3 and so on).
  3. Use tabs labeled KRA1, KRA 2 and so on to separate objectives under each KRA. Arrange KRAs in order (KRA1, 2, 3 and so on).
  4. Put together all the MOV either in softbound, ring bound or using a fastener and a folder following this sequence: KRA 1, Objective 1 and its MOV; Objective 2 and its MOV; Objective 3 and its MOV. Do the same thing for KRA 2 through 5.
  5. Prepare a “Table of Contents” in your Portfolio for easy reference.
  6. Provide a cover page in your Portfolio indicating the following: name of your school, name of Principal/Rater and current school year.
  7. Prepare a second copy of your Portfolio for submission to your rater. Affix your signature on top of your name on the cover page of your Portfolio. The rater will need the original documents to authenticate the photocopied documents.

Tips to help you produce a well prepared documents and well organized Portfolio:

  1. Start gathering documents at the beginning of the school year.
  2. Follow the steps in preparing your documents and organizing  your portfolio.
  3. Check the completeness of the documents needed by preparing the checklist.
  4. Reproduce the documents in clear copies.
  5. Have the photocopied documents
  6. Label

Once you are done with all the steps mentioned above, you are now ready for assessment.

Teachers, be creative and good luck to our portfolio assessment!

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