How to Renew PRC License Easily

One of the problems of Professional Teachers is the hassle, effort and time-consuming process of renewing PRC ID license with the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) every three years. I am one of the teachers, who every three years, visit the PRC office for the renewal of such license. One has to go through a process of queuing, filling up forms and queuing again!

Moreover, compliance with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Act of 2016 adds to the burden of our teachers. Fortunately, Professional Teachers are yet to start complying starting December 2017. Started on July 1, 2017, all professionals, with the exception of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineers, Professional Teachers, Registered Nurses and Midwives are required to present earned CPD units before renewal of Professional Identification Cards.

Luckily, I was able to renew my PRC license earlier and it took a whole day before I got my plastic card ID at Robinson’s Mall, General Santos City branch. I didn’t go through a process of queuing; just proceed directly to the Renewal window. Not bad.

Here are the process I followed:

  1. Secure  and fill up the Renewal form.
  2. Have your 2 pieces of passport-sized picture in white background with complete name tag (Last Name, First Name, MI).
  3. Provide 2 photocopies of the old PRC ID
  4. Submit them to the Renewal window, wait for your name to be called by the Cashier and pay PhP450.00 renewal fee.
  5. If you processed your renewal form early, you will be advised to come back and claim your ID from 4pm to 6pm of the same day, or else, come back the next day and claim your ID from 10am to 12 noon.

For more information on renewing your PRC ID, you may visit their online portal at and check their additional requirements especially for other professions.

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