For A Change and Learning at the Same Time

My previous post before Christmas is one of the reasons for a big change that happened in this blog. First, the whole template itself is changed, obviously the color I picked is very different. Before, it was dark but now, it’s light and… let me say, colorful :D Added to the features are the 2-column side bars, search-this-blog form, recent entries and comments, peek-a-boo menu that includes my favorite sites that helped me figure out and familiarize my new template, a new tagboard and the visitors’ faces :D and others were retained from my previous template.

How I did came up with this change may have been answered by my post about the anxiety I had and of course, changing my paradigm in blogging. The title itself is retained but I added the “Me, myself and I” words at the heading simplifies my blog’s goal and yet it also aims for interactions with other bloggers and readers. Obviously, the “under-construction” social bookmarking is on its way. I just put it there for others may wonder and hoping that they will help me figure out also on how it really works. I visited the source sites about it, but I’m just to dumb to follow the codes that made me always lost! or I was just timid to study the codes patiently :D

All the credits are due to the different blog hackers I’ve been chatting with and mostly, visiting their blogs and reading articles about the new Blogger from beta status. Avatar of Bloggeratto, Hans of Beautifulbeta, Annie of Bloggeruniversity, Hackospehere, and Louiss of Bloggingsecret helped me with the codes. All of them have bright ideas about the features I added to my own blog. As an expression of gratitude, I added them to my favorite sites that can be found at my sidebar,at “+ /- Must Read Blog Hackers.” You must visit them to find out what I mean here.

For couple of days of being focused on these, I had a nightmare one night that my blog mates whom I always visit everyday got mad at me since I’ve never been visiting them for many days from the time I started changing the lay out of my blog! ‘Twas true that I’ve been busy and never visited most of them even just to greet them a Merry Christmas, but please, h’wag kayong magalit ha, lol! Few days from now, back to normal na ako: reflective and will retreat again. Should I say my new year greetings now? Happy New Year!!!

Before the year ends, I will make an index of all my posts.


  1. Your So Brilliant person.

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