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Five Reasons Why You Should Meditate

There is always a reason why meditation is important and being practiced in many cultures – because of its unlimited benefits. Meditation has effects many aspects – physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual areas. You might ask, “is it really worth it for me to meditate?” The answer is definitely, “yes.”

Meditate to sharpen your mind

Meditation sharpens and stabilizes mind while enhancing healing, self-development and spiritual realization. You become fully attentive to your love ones or in any relationship. This will help you focus and concentrate under heavy pressures at work and in every day activities.

Meditate to practice mindfulness

There is so much pressures from our world, technology, career, media and a lot more, that you may find troublesome and worrisome. If you feel overloaded and bombarded with these, you may “shut down” as a way of coping with more than you can handle. You may find yourself losing the ability to be at the present moment and experience the “here and now.” Learn to live your life in full awareness of what is happening around you all the time. Zen Buddhism tells a lot about the Mindfulness practice.

Meditate for wellness

Meditation can help you lower your blood pressure every time you practice slow yet regular breathing. Breathing meditation slows the heart beat and ease your anxiety. It helps you manage pain and prevent illness when meditation becomes an adjunct to your healthy diet lifestyle. Balance and better health creates contentment, peace and joy, thus promotes longevity.

Meditate to balance emotions

You become prone to stress and emotional problems when you tend to lose control of your anger. If you feel angry, intense jealous or resentful most of the time, your state of emotion becomes unstable resulting to a stressful life. Meditate to stay conscious of your emotions and monitor your emotional patterns. Meditation helps you transform negative emotions into positive ones. Practice long-term meditation to fully attain mental peace and emotional reactivity.

Meditate to contemplate about life

When there’s a feeling of being “eaten” by the materialistic view of the world that penetrate our culture and life style, practice meditation to transform and transcend from it. Understanding our connectedness to the whole creation makes you alive and appreciate the sacredness of the reality around us. Meditate to attain enlightenment. This would be easy to say, but gradually, the fruit of meditation will be attained.

While you want to start meditation to gain the benefits of this practice, it is normal to undergo difficulty during the first attempts to calm down and master meditation. Remember that meditation is the vehicle to your goal for a peaceful life. Meditation is not the end of every practices and techniques that I am going to elaborate further on the next updates.

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