Data Submission of Individual Performance Commitment User Guide and Review Form (IPCRF)

August 3, 2020, marks the start of the uploading of teachers’ electronic Individual Performance Commitment User Guide and Review Form file in the Data Submission System. This uploading ends by the 3rd week of August 2020, per DM-OUPHRODFO-2020-00199. Let us encourage the schools to upload as early as possible.

Each e-IPCRF file shall have been checked and validated in terms of the accuracy and completeness of all entries before uploading the file. One may refer to the IPCRF User Guide on the steps on accomplishing the electronic IPCRF which can be accessed at

The links for the submission system is or ONLY the registered uploaders can access the links.

Each file uploaded in the system is assumed to have been approved/agreed upon by the Ratee, Rater, and Approving Authority, even though digital signatures are not present in the e-IPCRF. A mechanism shall have been established in the school and division levels regarding this matter, especially for MTs and ALS teachers in CLCs whose approving authorities are division-based personnel.

Please take note that once files are uploaded, the school can no longer edit or correct the files.

Here’s the illustrated way how to upload the electronic IPCRF by the designated uploader:


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