The poor PISA ranking result released in December 2019 is a wake-up call for Filipinos as Philippines “scored 353 in Mathematics, 357 in Science, and 340 in Reading, all below the average of participating OECD countries.” DepEd recognizes the need to address the issues and gaps in attaining quality of basic education in the Philippines. 

DepEd calls for active involvement, cooperation, and collaboration among stakeholders, learners and educators in advancing the quality of basic education in the Philippines.

The Curriculum and Instruction Division Education Program Supervisors and District Heads of  every Division are to conduct cross-district reading assessment in response to DepEd’s Memorandum No. 173, s. 2019 dubbed as “Hamon: Bawat Bata Bumabasa.”

In conducting a reading assessment, the “Administration and Interpretation of Rapid Assessment on Reading Skills (RARS)” can be used. The Rapid Assessment Reading Skills (RARS) is an assessment tool that provides an approximation of children’s reading skills, particularly the skill on word recognition. 

You may download a copy of this through this link provided: The Rapid Assessment Reading Skills (RARS)

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