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Traversing Mt. Loay to Langan Falls

It was a bit harsh weekend traverse climb featuring the mountain range of Loay to Langan Falls in Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur. The ascend from Crossing Loay, at the town of Sta. Cruz to Loay peak, including resting times, reached for almost 5 hours for most of us who were just acquainted along the way. We started trekking with gradual ascent at 9 in the morning, passing by Loay Elementary School, several farmlands and plantations, and several makeshift stores selling water, young coconut, and trail food, and we finally reached the campsite at 3 in the afternoon. I must never forget to mention the picturesque view of the sea, recognizing the oil depot and Franklin Baker by the bay and the entire landscape of Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur!

The group packed up started to move around 9 in the morning for a traverse descending to reach the second and final destination: the Langan Falls in Kiblan, Sta. Cruz. If the ascent was a bit harsh, the descent was far more challenging and terrifying at some point. That made most of us had the difficulty maintaining the pace, while few of us made it earlier to the falls in no time.

Langan Falls gave us a natural cooling place to stay after hardship. We were able to relax with the chilling water while the forests around gave natural shades for us.

As the day’s trek ends, I can say that the whole duration of our trek was awesome and that made my days complete again. I am looking forward being with you again, guys, as we climb another mountain to conquer ourselves. We are looking forward for the next traverse from Kalatungan to Wiji in Bukidnon Province.

Find time to watch our video clip below, that covers the entire trek we had and gain ideas how we made it.

We are grateful to the one who initiated the joiners’ trek at Mt. Loay, Ramzkie Mohnzkie of Mindanao Outdoor Enthusiasts, and Rastah Man, our ever-patient local guide for the whole duration of the trek. If you need their services, you may contact Roben (Rastah Man) at +639079143360.

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