Most of our DepEd teachers are now preparing the opening of classes coming August 24, 2020. But the question of what are we supposed to teach is another question of preparedness this time the COVID-19 pandemic aside from a question of how prepared is the Department of Education to deliver quality education to the learners. 

Since April until now, webinars on various topics offered by the different government agencies and private sectors are overwhelming and a great help for the teachers to develop learning modules and materials for different learning modalities. These modalities answer the need of learners coming from different areas nationwide.

With the DepEd’s initiative to respond to the challenges of our present situation, one of the notable steps is to maximize the use of online resources for the teachers, parents, and learners. With that, let’s advocate and promote the use of DepEd’s learning resources platform. DepEd’s Common is a one-stop-shop where we can access modules, learning materials, and resources that can be used. Most of all, teachers are to use the Most Essential Learning Competencies that the department is trying to deliver. 

The MELC or Most Essential Learning Competencies that contains:

  1. K12 MELCS with CG Codes
  2. MELCS Guidelines

One can access these at

Everybody’s encouraged to use it as part of our preparation for the opening of classes.

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