The author offers mobile phone and aerial images and videos for your simple project and operational needs with ease, capability, and quality at a fraction of the cost and time. Most of my work can be viewed on my YouTube Channel.

Aerial Images: How Drone Works

1. Book our services

Contact and tell us what do you prefer whether on aerial imaging, videography, or land surveys, and we take care of the rest. Let’s talk about how gonna it happens: landscapes, sporting events, land mapping and surveys, and even wedding or other special events.

2. We do it for you

We will visit your location and do all the agreed terms.

3. Materials prepared at once

Your photos and videos and data will be ready in just a few days and are stored with no additional fees. You can easily claim the raw materials saved on either compact disc or flash drive or through your cloud account.

Contact Us for the Pricing (All per flight)

  1. Standard Panoramic Photos –
  2. High-resolution aerial images –
  3. High-resolution aerial images and videos (Raw photos and raw videos )
  4. High-resolution aerial images and videos, with branding, caption, music and contact information ( Raw photos + video clip)

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the Teacher's Digital Portfolio is fully operational. Teacher Vince works either from home or observes a skeleton workforce to ensure and promote safety. Keep safe, stay home.